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Kitchen Before & After Photos

This custom kitchen was designed for a newly renovated home on the often dramatic shores of Lake Erie. This is the retirement home of a couple who has a large family and entertains a great deal. As many know, the coastal cities along the lake discourage home demolition. The design task here was to take the original style of the house, which was traditional, and transform it into a very contemporary home. Because this is a retirement home, every design detail lends itself to smart home ideals and easy care materials. Upon first meeting the couple, the husband just had one simple request, “a cool kitchen”.

The design process of this kitchen began with the idea to bring the outside in. The views of Lake Erie brought forth the idea of water, which transitioned into the curved front peninsula to emulate a wave. The counter of the peninsula and island is a granite that we used to develop the color palate of the house. There are gray hues that we pulled the cabinet and wall colors from and a raspberry speckle that helped determine the pop of color on the south cooking wall.

The peninsula of this kitchen is for seating as well as serving. Ample outlets were provided for both activities. This peninsula faces north (the lake) and has layered light bands faced by white plexiglass panels along the front side that incorporate LED lighting. The east wall of the peninsula is made up of a glass door lit display cabinet to show off the couple’s collection of decorative glassware.

Because of the amount of entertaining that takes place in this home, many stainless steel appliances were specified per the couple’s needs. A full height refrigerator and freezer sit side by side centrally located in the space for ease of access. The refrigerator and freezer are flanked by double ovens on one side and a Miele coffee system and microwave on the other.

The cooking area is located on the South wall and houses a six burner cooktop and wall hood. We used full height painted plate glass backsplash in that location that can be easily cleaned. Hidden outlets are located just under the wall cabinets. The cooktop is flanked by large utensil storage and pots and pans storage.

The wife also asked that she be able to look out onto the lake as she prepared meals. The perfect location for the sink was of course in the island. The island includes the sink looking out to Lake Erie, the dishwasher, and a wine refrigerator. Additionally, decorative lighting is carried over from the face of the peninsula.

This was quite an extensive project that resulted in a dream kitchen that fulfills the needs of a very busy cook. All demands were met and the couple is delighted.

Bar Before & After Photos

This bar is part of an extensive renovation that took place in a home on the shores of Lake Erie this past winter. This client entertains a lot and has extensive family that will be utilizing this space regularly. This room was originally a sunroom turned game room by the previous homeowner.

The new homeowner wanted a space that could be totally opened up to the outside pool and living area. When this project was started the roof of the space was deemed structurally unsound and needed to be demolished and rebuilt before the project could progress. To accomplish the accessibility to the outside, a window wall with two large, custom-made 4’ wide doors that will open to a full 8’ wide opening when they are both opened. Because of the high winds off the lake, these doors and the windows that flank them, are supported by a custom I-beam structure from above and along the sides.

The bar can be accessed by both the dining room and family room by two different sets of stairs. Both sets of steps include doors so that this room can be completely closed off. The East wall of the space is made up of a custom cabinet that houses the large fish tank. There is a frameless glass door that opens into the space and leads down the lighted stairs. The west wall is the location for the juke box and wall hung television.

The bar layout itself is made of a front and back bar. The front bar is designed to house the glassware for the space. A 42” high bar-height counter sits atop brackets to give the illusion that it’s floating above the 36” high countertop beneath. The front of the bar is designed with layered wood panels, cut in a wave pattern, that house LED lights to enhance the look of the wavy layers for a very dramatic effect at night.

The back bar functions as a work station. It encompasses a bar sink, dishwasher drawer, ice maker, beer tap, and two beverage coolers. Additionally, flanking the sink are two lighted risers for bottle display.

This bar is quite large and can easily transition from winter to summer entertaining. The excited and engaged clients have given me their input every step of the design process and are eager to use the space. The finished product is a fun design for all to enjoy.

Powder Room Before & After Photos

The custom floating vanity cabinet in this powder room is topped by granite and a vessel sink. A built out medicine cabinet provides additional storage. The walls are covered by a wallpaper made from sea shells.

Family Room Before & After Photos

This is the family room of a newly renovated house on the shores of Lake Erie. It is commonly known that much of the Cleveland’s regions frown upon house demolition along the shores of our great lake. The client took on this project with the hope of taking a very traditional house and tailoring it to fit their contemporary style. With that being said, they also wanted to bring the outside in. Many details of this house replicate a wave or curve to bring in elements of the water and waves of Lake Erie, which can be seen outside many of the windows.

The new fireplace design was restricted to the size and location of the original chimney. Three curved wood forms create a hearth, mantel and soffit that frame the fireplace and television and carry your eye across the room to view artwork from client’s extensive collection. The wall has been clad in stone and is enhanced by recessed LED lighting from above. Additional LED lighting has been installed below the hearth in a cove to help amplify the shape of the curve. Storage cabinets were designed to balance out the asymmetry of the television / fireplace and house miscellaneous items of the home owner.

The space is clean and balanced and fulfills the need of the homeowner for additional storage.

Foyer Before & After Photos

The objective was to turn a very traditional house into a contemporary home. The front door and windows were replaced with a larger front door and windows to better match the scale of the home and bring in light to an otherwise dark foyer.

Additionally a floating stair was designed to help lighten up the foyer as well. Maple wood floor were inlaid with zebra wood to customize the look.

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