Moreland Courts, Shaker

This was the renovation of a historic building in Shaker, Ohio. Clients are huge art collectors so the design focused on their artwork in each room. Proper lighting was essential in providing the most favorable lighting for each piece of art.

The entry to the space was updated with new wall paint and lighting. Additionally, custom built lighted wall niches were created where a once shallow CD storage cabinet was located.

The art gallery has been given new life with the use of proper lighting to showcase the original ceiling and the artwork that the clients wanted to add to the space. Additionally, a silk wallpaper has also been added to the walls to create another dimension of pattern and texture to that of the ceiling.

The kitchen has been enlarged by removing a center wall that divided the space. This allowed for the client to have a larger work space on a daily basis as well as ease of use when entertaining.

The husband also asked for cocktail lounge / pub in which he could entertain friends. This became a full service bar that includes a lighted blue glass countertop.

Additional Moreland Courts, Shaker Photos

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