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The Interior Designer’s Purpose

What exactly do we do?

Let’s talk about working with an interior designer. Everyone has a specialty or task that they’re good at.  Designers are good with design.  We have gone through extensive training in order to provide our client’s with the knowledge to quickly and efficiently design the project that has come under our direction. We help the client to choose the best   finishes and furniture that will give them the look that they want while being functional and safe in the spaces designed.

Designer’s Tasks:

  • To communicate with client’s with a project overview and plan of action
  • Create interior floor plans, lighting locations, finish plans, furniture layouts, and more
  • Create 3D images and design finish boards to help clients envision the final design
  • Assemble the proper trades to construct the work needed throughout the project
  • Acquire & purchase the proper finishes, furniture and accessories specifically designed for each location in the project
  • Oversee all acquisitions to ensure they make a timely appearance to the job site
  • Work as a team with the Architect and Contractor to oversee construction to make sure your project turns out PERFECT!!!


To get a better idea of what these services can look like, let’s take a look at this family home that needed a bit of updating to give it new life!



From the looks of it, this family room was definitely in need of some updating! I noticed that the room was previously quite dark and outdated, so it was time to get to work on something much more warm and inviting.

The client’s wanted something a bit more welcoming and functional as a space for entertaining. I knew this eye catching fireplace wall deign was a must to bring guests right in. With a few hours to craft the perfect space for this couple, I could bring this vision to life.


However, you can’t have the perfect space without the perfect finishes! It’s amazing how a few color and finish changes can brighten an entire room.


To help this couple truly envision their completed family room, I provided a 3D image to propose my idea for their new space. They were completely up for it and it was time to make it reality.

The couple ended up with a beautiful end product. This was a great project to work on due to my trusting clients letting me bring my ideas to life. It’s up to date, unique, and inviting. The client’s were truly pleased to be able to call his their new family room!


Every home should achieve beauty and functionality for your everyday living, and my job is to do just that!


With all this being said, we are here to help you! You and your project are important to us.  This is our art and your space is our canvas.  A great partnership with a designer can enhance your project beyond anything that you thought possible.

My hope is that this summary of design services gives a little insight into how a designer may help ease your construction mind knowing that assistance is out there with just a phone call away. Please contact me with any questions that you might have further. I love enlightening the public about the “Interior Designers Purpose”.


- Laura

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