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When is the best time to plan for a design project?

Don’t wait!


Don’t wait!

Decide on the type of project you’d like to work on. Consider your personal style and how you’d like the new space to translate that style for you.

Then….call a designer to help you come up with a game plan to make the project happen.

There’s an order of events that must take place to ensure that a construction project goes as smoothly as possible.

Interior Design Project Planning

Kitchen Design Project by KAS Interiors

– Keep in mind that there is an entire design phase that needs to happen before deciding on and ordering any materials. The project needs to be evaluated to come up with the best layout and schematic to fit it’s parameters. At this time the designer may meet various trades at the site to analyze what needs to be done to transition the space. Materials will be selected and detailed floor plans created to easily communicate the vision of the designer and client to the workers. This phase could take 3 wks to 3 months (or longer) depending on the amount of work that needs to happen. The size of the project will determine the design phase time frame.

– A lot of materials need to be ordered which takes time and patience. Let the designer handle this for you as it’s part of their job. Designers have great relationships with the various vendors that will be supplying your materials. The designer is much more efficient at getting the correct materials ordered in a timely fashion. The designer also needs to coordinate their trades to work on the project. Designers have close relationships with open communication with their contractors. This allows for a smoothly run project with a timely work flow. During this phase there will be a fair amount of waiting. Most materials need to be ordered and will take time to arrive. It’s best to have all the materials on the job site before construction is started so that tasks may be completed as quickly as possible in order to keep things moving.

Kitchen Design Construction

The construction phase of a contemporary kitchen

– Construction has it’s own phases:
o Demolition
o Prep space for new installations
o Install
o Finish work
o Punch List

Each one of these line items takes time if done correctly. Demolition may seem like it would be fast and easy, however, careful thought needs to be considered before demolition starts. Demo must be done appropriately in order to not create additional work later on in the project. After the main installations comes the finish work. Again you may think that it would be fairly fast-moving. It’s not. Careful detail work happens during this time to allow for a cleanly finished project.

Kitchen Design by KAS Interiors

Finished Kitchen Renovation

Television makes many projects look fast and easy aaaaaand inexpensive. Not so much. If you want them done right the proper time, knowledge and money need to be allotted for a successful project. A designer can help you figure out the design, participants, and budget. 

Any designer would love to have a conversation to help you understand how we can help make your dream design project a reality.

Interior Design Process

- Laura

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