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Interior Design Tips

Tips to refresh and add interest to your space and an easy process to start immediately.

Room Refresh:

Tips to refresh and add interest to your space and an easy process to start immediately.

Don’t take on too much work at once to get your home refresh underway.  Start small and gradually add tasks to avoid overwhelm.  Start with the easy stuff!

The easy and inexpensive method:

  1. Declutter by donating or putting away any no longer wanted or needed items.  This will help you take a step back to determine where your style is headed and what areas you’d like to work on.
  1. Use what you have and shop your home.  Mixing old and new furniture and accessories to create unique design combinations.  Use your own collections to add interest and show off your personality.
A hallway with a door and shelves

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  1. Layout a new floor plan that incorporates old and new items.  Take a step back and analyze your needs and wants at this current time.
  1. Add colorful pillows and fun accessories to make things more playful and sophisticated to reflect your individuality.  Don’t be afraid to mix metal, patterns, and textures.  A good mixture will layer the space and keep the eye roving around the room.
A couch with a blanket and pillows

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  1. Add mirrors to reflect light and make spaces appear larger.  Adding mirrors is an old designer’s trick.

Medium difficulty & pricepoint method:

  1. Create a gallery wall. Whether it’s family photos or collected art, a mix of artworks masterfully placed on a wall always creates a unique design element and interest for your visitors.
  1. Invest in antiques and inherited pieces.  Antiques are a nod to the past and add an eclectic component.
A desk and chair in a room

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  1. Change your wall color and don’t forget the ceilings. There is no rule that says ceilings need to be white.  An important note here is not to use trendy colors.  Trends go out of style.  Use colors that speak to you.  Everyone has a color palate that they like best so use the colors that reflect you.  Importantly, don’t’ be afraid of dark colors.  Darks add drama and create a additional WOW factor.
  1. Add wallpaper.  A lot of patterns and color can be included to create a one-of-a-kind space.  It can also be used on the much-forgotten ceiling.
A sink and mirror in a bathroom

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Difficult & higher end price point method:

  1. Included a wall mural. A wall mural can be painted or wallpapered.  Wall murals are considered an art piece.  A mural can make a space look like the outdoors or give a space a much-needed architectural element. 
  1. Hide radiators with decorative cabinets.  Beautifully designed and built radiator covers can be incorporated to add interest and all add usefulness if done correctly.
A room with a table and a statue

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  1. Update lighting.  Add new table and floor lamps to easily replace or add lighting.  It’s important to update the built-in lighting as well with the help of an electrician.  We all change the way we use our space throughout our lives.  It’s important to update your lighting to keep up with your lifestyle or you subconsciously won’t want to use the space.  Fun and creative lighting is easily accessible so do some research and find the right light fixtures for you.
  2. Invest in the proper upholstery.  We’ve all been given other people chairs or purchased a great sofa online that ends up being super uncomfortable.  Go out and sit in some furniture to fine the right comfort level for yourself.  Size matters as well. Make sure that sofa or lounge chair aren’t too large for your space.
A living room with a television and a couch

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  1. Splurge in the kitchen.  This is a space that you use frequently every day and it’s usefulness should reflect that.  Make it beautiful and a space that you enjoy spending time in.  From backsplashes to counters to lighting.  You can’t go wrong in adding extra functional design elements to make a more beautiful and useful space.
  1. My final recommendation is to make one great investment per year.  Don’t overwhelm yourself and one good investment will give a sense of pride on making a great decision.

And…..always keep editing

- Laura

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